My Experience with the Neti Pot and How It Relieved My Sinus Pressure
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My Experience with the Neti Pot and How It Relieved My Sinus Pressure

How to use the Neti Pot, Where to purchase a Neti Pot

We've got a Neti Pot.  We love our Neti Pot.  Even my son loves our Neti Pot.

As a child, I suffered for years with allergies and sinus-related problems.  My left arm muscles still feel tender after years of allergy shots.  Then, as an adult, even the faintest trace of the smell of cigarette smoke would set me into a sinus infection.  I am so used to those allergy-related headaches.  Until one day, a friend of mine told me about a simple little product she saw on a television show.  It's called a Neti Pot.  I was confused as to how it worked, and wondered how it could do any good.  But, then last year happened.  Starting in October, my family was plagued with cough after cough and sinus issues upon measure.  So, in desperation, I went out and bought a Neti Pot.  I figured if all the medications we tried with all their side effects didn't do us any good, then what harm would it do to try pouring salt water up my nose?  Well, it worked!  It is an unbelievable sensation I cannot describe to have this warm salt water pouring through your sinus cavities.  But, it is the best relief for sinus pressure I had ever felt.  The idea behind it is that the salt solution will heal and cleanse your sinus passages as it passes through them.  And, if your sinus passages are clean, they can heal.

Let me explain how it works.  You purchase the Neti Pot at a drug store such as Walgreens or online.  You can purchase either a clay pot or a plastic one.  I opted for the plastic version.  I don't remember why - it was probably cheaper at the time, and it had an attached coupon.  You simply heat up water, preferably purified water.  You can heat it up on a stovetop or in a microwave.  I put it inside a glass measuring cup so as not to melt the plastic Neti Pot if I accidentally cooked it too long.  The only downside is that when you take the hot water out of the microwave, you have to wait for it to cool down to lukewarm temperatures or else you risk the danger of burning your sinus passages which would defeat any good purpose intended.  Once the water has cooled down for a few minutes so that it is lukewarm, you pour it into the Neti Pot.  You then add a litle packet of salt solution that comes with some of the Neti Pots.  If it didn't come with the one your purchased, you can purchase these separately or possibly add a salt solution of your own, but I'm not sure of what ratio you would use in that case.  I used the little packet that came with the pot & simply poured it in, put the lid on the pot & shook it around to mix it up.  You then, lean over a sink and tilt your head slightly to the side and open your mouth.  It's very important to open your mouth for some reason.  You then simply pour the saltwater solution into one nostril and allow it to flow through your sinuses and out of the other nostril into the sink.  If you feel the sensation to swallow or like you're choking, then you are tilting your head too far back.  If you do this correctly, The sensation you feel will feel like the best warm sensation your sinuses have ever felt.

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Comments (1)

I've often wondered about the neti-pot. thanks for this informative article.