Picking The Nose Is A Health Issue
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Picking The Nose Is A Health Issue

The first line of the respiratory system is the nose. It is fact that people pick their nose, however very few realize the health problems that can occur from this action. Many young people begin picking their nose and then it becomes a habit, a very unhealthy habit. Here are just some of the health areas affected by picking the nose.

Picking the nose is a health issue in many respects which can lead to a decrease in respiratory health. These facts will educate and if followed will diminish the severity of colds and prevent some too. In the event you use a tissue instead of the bare finger for picking the nose, that decreases some medical points than that of a person who does not. Still, the begining of the respiratory sytem, the nose, is going to be affected by nose picking.

The nose has nostrils that have a unique system of filtering tiny particles that continually float in the air beyond what the naked eye can detect. Cilia in the nostrils are hair-like projections that move back and forth to limit hazards from easily proceeding into the nasal canal. They are designed to collect dust, pollen and other similar debris. Cilia is pronounced "silly ah" with the use of the a in the short manner. 

What can disrupt the function of the cilia is; picking the nose. The finger or even worse,  a fingernail, breaks off cilia as the nose is picked. Some of the cilia takes many days to grow back, but the damage with the picking of the nose is not  only limited to the affect of the cilia.  There can be bacterial dispersed from the finger or fingernail when the nose is picked. 

Mucosa lining in and around the nasal openings and within the nostrils is irritated. This mucosa is also  now subjected to fighting off the germs introduced by the finger in the nose. Some affected skin in the nose is now in need of healing from the nose being picked. With a foreign body introduced into the nose some swelling occurs because the finger inside the nostril should not be there. 

Stuffiness in breathing is common sometimes promoting more finger interference and the cycle of improved good health is further attacked with people who pick their nose. Boils in the nose are caused by bacteria introduced into the nostril through nose picking that rarely can cause the brain to be affected. 

Over the counter 4 Way, Musinex and other nose drops can medically treat the swelling and irritation when all that would be necessary is to not pick the nose in the first place to avoid unhealthy circumstances these products treat. 

Resource: http://www.livestrong.com/article/97145-nose-picking-effects-health/

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Comments (10)

Informative article, Roberta.

Roberta, this is such a great and important article.  

80% of the population picks their nose... 70 % deny it.

Roberta, I've not been on Knoji lately, but when I saw the title, I just had to read this one.  Most unusual and I've got a feeling your article will the the first, if not only one, to come up in a "picking nose" search.  Great job!

I had heard before about the nose being a filtering system and appreciate the added information here.

Impressive health issue here Roberta.

Extremely well researched and informative article. Thanks a lot Roberta.

-Who knew? :-b

Throat Cancer

This is an appropriate article this time of the year with so many viruses going around. Voted up, my good friend.